Travis Smith

Director of Customer Success

Travis Smith serves as the Director of Customer Success at The Patient Company. In this capacity, Travis is responsible for guiding the overall development and execution of customer success strategies, a crucial aspect that directly contributes to the company's growth and reputation in the medical devices sector.

In addition to his customer-centric duties, Travis also contributes to the general operations and strategic planning of The Patient Company. His input in these areas is vital, demonstrating the interconnectedness of customer success with the broader operational and strategic goals of the company.

Prior to joining The Patient Company, Travis honed his skills in franchise services. His experience in this sector has equipped him with a deep understanding of diverse customer needs and the importance of tailored services.

Travis Smith's role at The Patient Company reflects a commitment not only to sustaining high standards in customer relations but also to contributing to the company's overall success through strategic insights and operational support. His diverse experience and focus on customer satisfaction make him a key asset to the company's leadership team.