Andrew Heuerman

Partner and CEO

Andrew Heuerman is a dynamic entrepreneur and healthcare innovator, currently serving as the Founder and CEO of The Patient Company since August 2019. Under his leadership, the company has been dedicated to enhancing patient care and clinical efficiencies through innovative medical devices and products. The Patient Company's flagship product, SimPull, is a testament to Andrew's commitment to improving healthcare practices. SimPull revolutionizes lateral patient transfer by reducing the need for multiple caregivers, thereby mitigating the risk of related injuries.

Before embarking on his journey with The Patient Company, Andrew Heuerman cultivated a diverse professional background. He has extensive experience working with entrepreneurs and holds expertise in healthcare. His role as a business analyst at the Applied Medical Device Institute at Grand Valley State University honed his skills in medical device innovation. His educational background includes a certificate in Healthcare Innovation and Entrepreneurship from Duke University.

Andrew's accomplishments extend beyond his entrepreneurial endeavors. He is a holder of two patents, showcasing his ability to transform innovative ideas into tangible solutions. His contributions to the business and healthcare communities were recognized when he was named in the Emerging Leaders Series 2018 by the Grand Rapids Chamber of Commerce.

Beyond his professional achievements, Andrew is deeply passionate about several causes including economic empowerment, the environment, health, human rights, and science and technology. His work and interests align to create a positive impact not only in healthcare but also in broader societal issues, reflecting his commitment to driving change and promoting well-being in various facets of life.