About Our Safe Patient
Handling and Mobility

The Patient Company is dedicated and focused on improving quality,
clinical safety, and employee satisfaction through the development and commercialization of new medical devices and products focused on safe patient handling & mobility.

Safe Patient Handling & Mobility


Our mission is to provide superior & sustainable technology for the people who spend their lives taking care of ours.

A Better Way to Build Technology

Healthcare systems and employees deserve to have access to the best products, devices, and technology that can be developed. The Patient Company believes that these products must be supplied to our healthcare systems without them having to fear a financial burden.

In short, we create products that make clinicians lives better, while reducing the cost passed on to patients.

We are committed to be an ally to all caregivers, because we are all patients.



Focused on Making Safe Patient Handling & Mobility Easier

The Patient Company has created the first truly automated lateral patient transfer device: SimPull.

The idea was born from those in the field; the people who do lateral transfers every day, multiple times per day. The clinical staff members at Spectrum Health in Grand Rapids, Michigan came up with a brilliant idea.

They noted that with alternative products, clinicians are forced to manipulate the patient physically, whether it is to get them on to a transferrable surface, or to pull them across from one surface to another. This type of patient manipulation is attributable to nearly 10,000 staff injuries annually in the United States. With the initial idea for a better way, The Patient Company got to work bringing it to fruition.

And the SimPull was born.

SimPull protects clinicians from patient manipulation injuries from lateral pulls, reduces the average time of transfer dramatically, and removes all waste that is created by alternative products’ disposable components.

Lateral patient transfer is for the first time automated, safe, efficient, and sustainable.