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Access materials and support for the SimPull Lateral Patient Transfer Device

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Solo Operated

Free Up Clinicians to attend to other care priorities

Fully Automated

SimPull does all the heavy lifting with Zero Lift & Zero Force protecting both clinicians and patients while working more efficiently

Durable & Compatible

SimPull transfers patients up to 500lbs, is reusable, and works with existing sheets

Mobile & Compact

Easily movable with a low profile design to allow convenient positioning in both large and small space patient care areas

Lateral Patient Transfer Device


Lateral Patient Transfer Device

SimPull Device Handout

Download a pdf of how the SimPull is revolutionizing the way patients are moved.

SimPull Device Handout
Lateral Patient Transfer Device

Economic Benefits of the SimPull Lateral Patient Transfer Device

Learn about the significantly significant economic benefits of the SimPull lateral transfer device.

Economic Benefits of the SimPull
Lateral Patient Transfer Device

SimPull User Manual

Learn how to operate and care for the SimPull lateral patient transfer device.

SimPull User Manual

Whitepapers & Studies


Medical Technology Whitepaper: SimPull – Safety & Efficacy of the First Automated Lateral Patient Transfer: Corewell Ludington Hospital

SimPull has been determined a feasible primary means of lateral patient transfer. Following this study, The Patient Company was able to achieve the necessary regulatory approvals to proceed to bring SimPull to market commercially.

Safe Patient Handling Resource Center

Access information on OSHA regulations and other safe patient handling information and resources.

Training Materials

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Interested in piloting SimPull at your facility? We are looking for teams that are passionate about improving employee and patient safety. If you, or someone you know may benefit by using SimPull in their clinical area, contact us.