Inflatable Safe Patient Handling Equipment Compared to the SimPull

March 25, 2024

for clinicians

The SimPull varies in a variety of ways from the commonly used inflatable SPH devices on the market. Learn how the SimPull can benefit your clinical staff.

Safe Patient Handling Equipment
Safe Patient Handling Equipment
Safe Patient Handling Equipment

Inflatable safe patient handling devices are specialized cushions or mattresses designed to assist healthcare professionals in safely and efficiently moving and repositioning patients. These devices utilize air pressure to inflate and deflate, providing a supportive surface for patients during transfers, lifts, and repositioning maneuvers. These devices are often a go-to for medical facilities when selecting safe patient handling equipment. 

By contrast, SimPull doesn’t use an inflatable device to maneuver the patient, instead, it uses the sheet that the patient is already laying on as a moveable surface. The SimPull is braced against the bed to which the patient is being transferred, and the SimPull is connected to the sheet with a drawbar. The SimPull device generates all of the moving power, thus effectively reducing physical strain on staff. If you’re curious how it works, watch a SimPull demo here. Let’s take a look at some of the common types of inflatable safe patient handling equipment. 

Commonly Used Inflatable Safe Patient Handling Equipment Brands 

Hovermatt® Air Transfer Mattress

The Hovermatt® Air Transfer Mattress consists of a mattress-like surface made of high-quality fabric, with a series of air chambers integrated into its structure. These air chambers are connected to a control unit that inflates or deflates them to create a stable and low-friction surface, allowing caregivers to move patients with minimal effort and risk of injury.

Arjo Disposable Air Transfer Mattress 

The Arjo Disposable Air Transfer Mattress is a hygienic patient transfer solution that supports the patient with an elevating effect created by air flowing through the perforated underside of the AirPal transfer mattress, lifting the patient away from the bed surface.

Stryker Sage Prevalon MATS

Stryker Sage Prevalon MATS (Mobile Air Transfer System) uses a cushion of air to help laterally transfer patients without the need for lifting. It’s designed to inflate and cradle patients to keep them comfortable and properly positioned. It’s integrated head support inflates to provide comfort and support for the head and neck.

Inflatable Safe Patient Handling Equipment Alternative: The SimPull

Although inflatable safe patient handling equipment is frequently relied upon in clinical settings, the SimPull device is engineered not only to perform similar functions as these products.  It also reduces staff time needed, staff injuries, and consumables.

Zero Consumables 

The SimPull device is designed to utilize the sheets a patient is already lying on for the patient transfer process. After the SimPull device is obtained, it can be used again and again to transfer patients without the need to purchase consumables for each transfer. This translates to less ongoing spend, less storage dedicated to patient transfer, as well as less impact on the environment. 

Hygienic Process 

Because the SimPull uses a patient’s own sheets, there is no need to worry about infection control or transfer of bodily fluid between uses. Unlike many reusable inflatable patient transfer devices, the SimPull device is not in direct contact with patients. 

No Lifting Required 

Many air inflation patient transfer devices require medical professionals to first transfer patients onto the deflated air cushion, and then move the air cushion and patient once inflated. While this eases some of the strain on the medical team, the risk for injury from lifting patients is still present. The SimPull device requires no lifting and relies on the device itself to create the force to move the patient, therefore drastically reducing the potential for staff injury.  See how it works here >> 

Requires Only 2 Staff Members

Whereas lifting a patient unassisted or with an air inflation device might require numerous medical staff to safely lift and stabilize the patient, the SimPull requires only two staff members to operate. This means that in turn, other staff members aren’t required to redirect their attention to the patient needing to be moved and are free to continue helping other patients. 

If you or your team are interested in learning how the SimPull could change the way you handle patient transfer, we’d love to get in touch with you.

Safe Patient Handling Equipment
Safe Patient Handling Equipment
Safe Patient Handling Equipment